Sunday, September 6, 2009

2020 and 50 over cricket

I watched the ODI between Australia and England for a couple of hours last night. The English Sky commentators are almost terminally dull - the one exception David Lloyd had the day off - and they all seemed almost entirely uninterested in the game or finding anything to say about it that might interest the listener.

Instead they spent a lot of time on the future of one day cricket, talking up 2020 and suggesting 50 over games might not be long for this world.

I guess having three versions of the game running alongside each other is unlikely long-term, and of the three, 50 over cricket is the one most likely to head for the great pavilion in the sky.

But I was bemused to hear it being suggested that 50 over cricket could be replaced by two innings of 20 overs each.

Isn't the very thing that makes 2020 so popular the very fact that it's all over in three hours? Yeah the slogging too, but that you don't have to devote all day to it is a big plus surely.

Australia won but you got the feeling that no-one cared too much, including the players.